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Our Centres


Centre of Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE)

Centre for Continuing Engineering Education, the most active wing of NED Academy enables professionals to attain higher levels of research, teaching and industrial cooperation for technical leaders for constant learning by empowering them with the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and technology base to help them outshine in their careers. It brings together new practitioners, new technologies and new experiences for the mutual benefits of all concerned. CCEE regularly conducts short courses to update engineers, professionals with recent development in engineering, management, IT, Sciences. It provides opportunities for working engineers to improve their qualification to meet professional body’s registration level after successful completion and to enhance their skills with the objective of improving employability


Centre for Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes (CMPP)

Centre for Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes has been offering Postgraduate Certificate (PGC) and Postgraduate Diploma  (PGD) Programmes  in various fields to bridge the sizable gap in the market for grooming skills of engineers and other professionals at mid-career level to assist them in fast paced career growth. It is envisaged that PGC Programmes of 4-month and 6-month duration and PGD Programmes of 10-month and 12-month duration (length of a programme would depend upon the need of that particular programme) should be launched in order to capture the market need of providing graduates with a postgraduate credential in the engineering, engineering management, management, Information Technology, leadership, business and related domains


Centre of Professional Excellence (CoPE)

Centre of Professional Excellence is another wing of NED Academy which has been already very active for the last 3 years and is serving graciously next to CCEE. It has shown great initiative by launching various successful certification programmes, seminars and workshops. Initiated in 2016 on the premise that engineers and other professionals are getting challenged to be promoted to senior positions in their organizations because of lack of certain key skills, expertise and knowledge much needed to attain and sustain professional excellence particularly at leadership positions; since then, CoPE has been working to bridge this gap and make professionals equally competent for C-level positions


Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship (CBE)

The key goal of the Centre would be to inculcate the business and entrepreneurial mindset, spirit and capacity in our young minds and convert them into Entrepreneurs and Business Leaders through trainings programmes and incubation support. This center will assist students to obtain an orientation of possibly establishing their own startups in future and allows the student to create own job opportunities but also to make creative contributions to other businesses. This Centre would work in close collaboration with researchers, students, Incubation Centers, industries and business communities to harness entrepreneurship after identification of technologies that can be commercialized.