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Our Centres


Centre of Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE)

Centre for Continuing Engineering Education, the most active wing of NED Academy enables professionals to attain higher levels of research, teaching and industrial cooperation for technical leaders for constant learning by empowering them with the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and technology base to help them outshine in their careers. It brings together new practitioners, new technologies and new experiences for the mutual benefits of all concerned. CCEE regularly conducts short courses to update engineers, professionals with recent development in engineering, management, IT, Sciences. It provides opportunities for working engineers to improve their qualification to meet professional body’s registration level after successful completion and to enhance their skills with the objective of improving employability.

Centre for Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes (CMPP)

Centre for Multidisciplinary Postgraduate Programmes facilitates executives, mid-career phase and novice professionals to the next level of excellence. The center offers more than thirty-five Postgraduate Diplomas (PGDs) and more than fifty Postgraduate Certificates (PGCs) in a range of diversified and highly sought-after disciplines including computer Science & IT, Engineering, Engineering Management, Management Sciences, Textile & Garment, Basic sciences, English Linguistics, and English Language Teaching. The center has remarkably expanded its scope and programmes since 2020 and continuously endeavors to broaden its horizon to cater the needs of national and international professional community.