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Ph: (92-21) 99261261-8
Ext: 2365/2297/2596/2756

Prof. Dr. Bilal Zahid

Director General NED Academy
Ph.D. (Textile Science & Technology)
M.Engg. (Textile)
M.B.A (Textile Management)
B.E. (Textile Engineering)

Dr. Bilal Zahid is a highly accomplished and experienced Professor with a proven track record in educational management. With a focus on Textiles, Management, Training, and Materials Science, Dr. Zahid possesses a wide range of skills, including expertise in Textile Composites, 2D & 3D Weaving-Fabric Forming Systems, and Textile Reinforced Composite Manufacturing. He is a highly professional individual who holds a Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Textile Science & Technology from The University of Manchester, England, a testament to his academic achievements.


Currently serving as Professor & Co-Chairperson of the Textile Engineering Department at NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan. As the Director of the Centre of Continuing Engineering Education, Dr. Zahid is responsible for providing training to professionals working in the university & in the industry, ensuring that they are equipped with the skills and knowledge necessary to excel in their fields. In addition, he holds the prestigious position of Director General of the NED Academy, where he oversees the overall management and direction of the NED Academy. Dr. Zahid's role as Director General is critical in ensuring that the academy operates at the highest level of excellence, providing training and education to professionals.


Dr. Zahid's impressive career trajectory began with his work as a Production Manager and eventually Factory Manager in various well-known denim manufacturing units located in Karachi, Pakistan. He has since gone on to achieve a Bachelor of Engineering (BE) in Textile Engineering from NED University of Engineering & Technology, Karachi, Pakistan in 2001, a Master of Engineering (M.Engg.) in Textile from the same university in 2007, and his Ph.D. from The University of Manchester in 2012. His research interests include Textile Reinforced Composites, Conventional Textiles, Technical Textiles, Protection Textiles, Finite Modelling & Simulation, 3-Dimensional Weaving, Fabric Designing and Manufacturing (Weaving, Knitting, Braiding, and Nonwoven), and Clothing Technology.


Dr. Zahid's accomplishments are numerous, having published over 40 scientific papers in high-impact journals and conference proceedings. He has been invited to speak at conferences and has been involved in five consultancies. Dr. Zahid has been recognized for his outstanding achievements by winning the best researcher publication awards from NED University of Engineering & Technology in consecutive years, 2014, 2015, and 2016, and was awarded the "Best Teacher Award 2020" by both the NED Alumni Association of Southern California, USA, and NED University of Engineering & Technology, Pakistan in 2022.


To sum up, Dr. Bilal Zahid's outstanding academic and professional achievements are a testament to his dedication and passion for the field of Textile Engineering. His expertise in Textile Reinforced Composites, Technical Textiles, and Fabric Designing and Manufacturing is highly regarded in the industry, and his extensive publications and consultancy work have contributed to the advancement of the field. As Director General of NED Academy, Dr. Zahid's commitment to providing quality training and education to professionals and the public is commendable, and his leadership skills have greatly enhanced the university's programs. Overall, Dr. Zahid's contributions to the field of Textile Engineering and the NED University of Engineering & Technology have been invaluable, and he continues to inspire and motivate students and professionals alike.