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Water Treatment for Cooling Towers and Boiler Feed



What Will You Learn?


  • Specific Water Characteristics to be used as boiler feed
  • Why water needs treatment to be a boiler feed
  • Monitoring of Boiler Feed Water (What & Why)
  • Controlling Strategies for BFW treatment
  • Removal of Dissolved gasses and their sources [(Why, Where, When) & How (Mechanical & Chemical Methods and their limitations)]
  • Monitoring performance od De-aerator
  • Basic BFW treatment chemicals (Purpose & Classification)
  • Oxygen scavengers (Types, Features, Reactions & efficiency, Selection Criteria, Dosing requirements and appropriate Dosing place)
  • Scale Control Agents (How they work and their dosing requirements)
  • The Alkali Builders (How they work and their dosing requirements)
  • Sludge Dispersants
  • Condensate Treatment
  • How to calculate boiler chemical requirement




  • Cooling Tower System, Purpose and Types
  • Importance of Treated water for Cooling Towers
  • Make-up Water for Cooling Towers
  • What specifically should be monitored and treated in Cooling Tower Water treatment system
  • Organic and Microbiological growth on Cooling water system
  • Monitoring and Controlling Methods for Microbial activity and its efficacy  
  • Scale and Fouling on Cooling Towers (How it occurs, and types)
  • Scale control methods in cooling towers system
  • Corrosion in Cooling Tower System (Corrosion rate & its Controlling factor)
  • Controlling Corrosion in Cooling Tower System
  • Monitoring Corrosion in Cooling Tower System (cooling water loop)
  • Advantage of Soft Water as Make-up
Investment : Rs. 10,000/-
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Investment : Rs. 10,000/-

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Certificate of Completion from NED
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1.0 CPD as per PEC By-Laws