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PGD In Industrial Water Treatment


What Will You Learn?
  • Water Treatment Techniques
  • Membrane Filtration
  • Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Technology
  • Plant, Operation, Maintenance & Safety
  • Desalination Techniques


Course 1. Water Treatment Techniques

Water sources for treatment; Water chemistry, Composition and microbiology; Parameters needed to be measured in Sea Water for determining operational limits for different water treatment methods; Treatment chemicals; Coagulation & flocculation; Disinfection and oxidation; Conventional water treatment techniques; Desalination technologies & historical advancement; Chemical feed calculations

Course 2. Membrane Filtration

History and status of membrane filtration; Classification and types of membrane filters; Overview of membrane filtration applications in drinking water treatment; Microfiltration and ultrafiltration; Nanofiltration and reverse osmosis; Physical/Structural & operational comparison of different membrane system; Structure and components of a UF membrane and RO system; Operating cycles

Course 3. Desalination and Reverse Osmosis Technology

Introduction to desalination & reverse osmosis system (Desalination techniques and application, Osmosis and Reverse Osmosis Phenomenon, Fundamentals of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis Desalination, Definitions and application); Pre-treatment & post-treatment for RO and equipment details; Fundamentals & principles of RO operation. Principles (Flux, salt passage, rejection and concentration polarization)

Course 4. Plant, Operation, Maintenance & Safety

Fundamentals of RO operation and safety limits; Equipment details for RO and failure threats; Details for ultra-filtration, micro-filtration and nano-filtration; Introduction to energy recovery devices; Influent water parameter for safe RO operation; Membrane bio-fouling; Scaling of membrane; Safe operational parameters and effect of process operating parameter on production; Introduction to membrane cleaning; Safe operational parameters and effect of process operating parameter on production; Safety requirements for plant operation; Implementation of preventive maintenance; Trouble shooting; Periodic checks for RO plant

Course 5. Desalination Techniques

History & progress in thermal desalination; Multistage flash distillation; Multi effect distillation; Thermal vapour compression; Mechanical vapour compression; Ion exchange techniques & softener requirements; Usage of membrane for other applications (wastewater, isotopic separations, medical); Energy requirement for different desalination techniques.    


Course Features

4.0 CPD as per PEC By-Laws
Diploma of participation upon successful completion of the course.