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PGD In Human Resource Management



What Will You Learn?
  • Organizational Management                   

  • Human Resource Management

  • Performance Appraisal & Compensation Management

  • Strategic Human Resource Management

  • Predictive HR Analytics


Organizational Management

Evolution of management thought, classical, Quantitative and behavioral schools; Interactions between organizations and their environments. The planning process; Strategic and tactical planning, developing planning premises, nature of managerial decision making, quantitative aids, management by objectives. Organizational structures; Behavior of the individual, work group, and organization; Coordination and spans of control, the informal organization; authority delegation and decentralization, groups and committees, managing organizational change and conflict. Motivation, performance and satisfaction; Building a high-performance team; Recruitment & staffing, Leadership, interpersonal & organizational communication, staffing and personal function. The control process; Budgetary and non-budgetary methods of control; Team performance measurement and improvement strategies. Use of management information systems.

Human Resource Management

People Management Model, Aims, goals & activities of HRM, Role of HR practitioners, Recruitment, Role of HR in recruitment process, Selection and selection methods, Documents to be used in recruitment and selection, Job analysis, Job description, Job specification, Interviewing candidate, Orientation programs, Retention, Training and development, Succession planning, Promotion, demotion and separation, grievance handling,  Discipline, Learning & development, Working with labor unions, Safety and health at work, Regulatory compliance, Performance appraisal by HR, Designing compensation strategies for organization, Challenges of HRM, Competency framework for HR professional, HR impact on organizational performance, HRM and organizational strategy, HRM and organizational change, Career path of HR professionals.

Performance Appraisal & Compensation Management

Theoretical framework of performance management, Process of performance management, Performance management planning and development, Mechanics of performance management Planning and documentation, Performance appraisal methods, Performance appraisal feedback, Issues in performance management. Grading and compensation structure, Wages and salary administration, Job evaluation, Incentive schemes, Benefits and services, Designing a benefit package, Tax planning, Voluntary retirement scheme, Compensation strategy, Managerial remuneration, Performance linked compensation, Appraisal, Pay for performance plans, Pay structures, Rewards & recognition, International compensation.

Strategic Human Resource Management        

Strategic HRM description, its Meaning and Aims of SHRM, Approaches to Strategic HRM, Strategic HRM Model, Strategic HR versus Administrative HR, Strategic HR --- Lepak & Snell’s Employment Model, Structuring the organization, jobs and roles to meet strategic objectives, Managing organizational culture through HR and Management practices, Managing people through change, Talent management and retention, Outcomes of strategic HR, Barriers to strategic HR, Best Practice of strategic HRM.

Predictive HR Analytics

Understanding HR analytics, HR Information system and data, analysis strategies, Tools for HR analytics, HR analytics modeling.

CASES: Diversity analytics, Employee attitude surveys, Employee engagement metrics, Workforce perception metrics, Employee turnover analytics, Recruitment and selection analytics, Advanced HR analytics techniques, Ethical considerations in HR analytics.



Course Features

4.0 CPD as per PEC By-Laws
Diploma of participation upon successful completion of the course.