Amal Career-Prep Fellowship Programme

Amal Career-Prep Fellowship Programme is a flagship offering is a 3-month leadership program focused on developing the mindsets (purpose, self-efficacy, resilience, etc.) and job skills (confidence, interviewing, CV writing etc.) of students entering the job market. 80% of our job-seeking alumni have received employment offers or started businesses within three months of program completion.

We help bridge the industry-academia gap for students through an experiential learning model. Fellowship sessions run every weekend through the 3-month semester. Fellows are selected through an application and interview process to prioritize the most deserving and driven applicants.

The program costs about Rs. 35-40K per fellow but is free for students, save a nominal Rs. 2,000 commitment fee, which is also waived for needy applicants.

The program is mainly supported by philanthropic donations from foundations. Amal Academy have also raised money through corporate trainings and faculty development programs at the HEC, Nestle, Monsanto, Allied Bank, Bank Alfalah and others. Investors include Stanford University, Syed Babar Ali, Acumen, Echoing Green, Montpelier Foundation, Peery Foundation, PepsiCo Foundation, Nauman Ahmed Khan, and Chris Anderson (

Since the pandemic, we have shifted the Fellowship to an online format until conditions improve.

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