Centre of Professional Excellence (CoPE)


Center of Professional Excellence (CoPE) at NED University is a voluntary, nonprofit group of professionals targeted to provide impetus to the professionals of Pakistan by devising mechanisms for modernizing and upgrading the industry.



We are an emerging worldwide network of highly experienced project managers, engineers, academicians and construction experts with exceptional technical knowledge, who have pledged to work and improve the present status quo.



    • Updating professionals with state-of-the-art developments in engineering/ sciences / technology/ engineering management / leadership skills/ Digital skills/ soft skills/ CAD & CAE skills/ linguistic/ entrepreneurship etc.
    • Providing learning opportunities for working engineers and other professionals to enhance their exposure to knowledge, skills, tools and techniques with the objective of improving their career growth and making them globally competitive. 
    • Providing hands-on learning opportunities for vocational and technical trainings so as to improve industry employability and growth.
    • Offering structured courses, certification programmes, international exam preparations, diploma programmes, postgraduate diplomas, nanodegrees and other programmes in market-oriented disciplines for creation as well as sustainable development of globally competitive human capital