Centre for Continuing Engineering Education, the most active wing of NED Academy enables professionals to attain higher levels of research, teaching and industrial cooperation for technical leaders for constant learning by empowering them with the relevant knowledge, skills, techniques and technology base to help them outshine in their careers. It brings together new practitioners, new technologies and new experiences for the mutual benefits of all concerned. CCEE regularly conducts short courses to update engineers, professionals with recent development in engineering, management, IT, Sciences. It provides opportunities for working engineers to improve their qualification to meet professional body’s registration level after successful completion and to enhance their skills with the objective of improving employability.



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    • Updating professionals with state-of-the-art developments in engineering/ sciences / technology/ engineering management / leadership skills/ Digital skills/ soft skills/ CAD & CAE skills/ linguistic/ entrepreneurship etc.
    • Providing learning opportunities for working engineers and other professionals to enhance their exposure to knowledge, skills, tools and techniques with the objective of improving their career growth and making them globally competitive. 
    • Providing hands-on learning opportunities for vocational and technical trainings so as to improve industry employability and growth.
    • Offering structured courses, certification programmes, international exam preparations, diploma programmes, postgraduate diplomas, nanodegrees and other programmes in market-oriented disciplines for creation as well as sustainable development of globally competitive human capital