About Us


NED University of Engineering & Technology established NED Academy to cater to educational and professional training needs. For more than 20 years, NED Academy is a renowned name in enabling professionals to attain higher levels of research, teaching, and industrial co-operation, updating engineers with recent developments in Engineering Sciences / Engineering Management / IT. NED Academy provides opportunities to enhance skills with the objective of improving qualifications to meet the professional body's level.  

Our History

NED Academy was initially established as Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE) in 1998. The initial purpose of CCEE was to provide applied engineering education to cater to the needs of the technical workforce in career progression. However, with the changing paradigms of education and technology, the integration of managerial and leadership skills became a compulsion. A need was felt to form a larger umbrella of education and training at NED University of Engineering & Technology which later in 2008 lead to the formation of  NED Academy while CCEE working as one of its center. NED Academy welcomes learners belonging to any educational background and at all professional levels, provide them a platform to enhance their skills and excel at all grounds.  

Our Mission

Ensure professional excellence Build a capacity to work with techno-managerial skills along with leadership skills to achieve career goals Teach flexibility towards the ever-changing dynamics of professional deliverance

Our Vision

The vision of NED Academy has been “Empowering for Professional Excellence” by developing market-based capacity building and training for different cadres of audience with excellence’.