About Us

With the rapid pace of development of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques in engineering, applied sciences and other professions, continuing education of working professionals in industry has become a vital need. To cater educational and professional training needs for continuous upgrading of working professionals, NED University established NED Academy initially as Centre for Continuing Engineering Education (CCEE) in 1998. The initial purpose of CCEE was to provide applied engineering education so as to comprehensively cater the needs of technical work force in their career progression. However, with the changing paradigms of knowledge, education, learning as well as integration of engineering knowledge with managerial & leadership skills, professional ethics, societal harmony, and the goals of sustainability and socio-economic development, a need was felt to form a much larger umbrella of outreach education and training at NED and thus NED Academy was established in 2008 with CCEE working as one of its Centres.  Since then, aiming at the goal of professional excellence, NED Academy has embarked on a remarkable journey which promises ambitious learners belonging to any educational background and at any professional level a chance to choose, broaden and enhance their careers. We endeavour to develop profiles in line with the the hiring criteria of leading organizations. This aim is achieved with dedicated efforts, planning and execution by the human resources associated with this initiative.

Where NED University stands for quality, NED Academy stands for polishing this quality further on with additional credentials and skills. The opportunities provided through the courses offered by NED Academy ensure professional excellence for anyone who is ambitious with his life goals. NED Academy serves as a symbol of excellence regardless of the field that anyone chooses because it stands for not only technically sound education but also believes in creating profiles which are multi-talented and have the flexibility and depth to be oriented easily toward the ever-changing dynamics of professional deliverance.

The vision of NED Academy has been “Empowering for Professional Excellence” by developing and offering more and more market-based capacity building training for different cadres of audience with continuous updating/ improvements as well as an integration with entrepreneurial spirit.

Having a clear goal of “Grooming Professional Leaders for Tomorrow” NED Academy has shown dedicated efforts to provide a platform to engineers and other professionals to learn to be more competent in their fields and to build a capacity to work with techno-managerial skills along with leadership skills to achieve their career goals and organizational development.