Meet a Mentor


Encouraging Innovations through Entrepreneurship


Meet a Mentor is a one-month mentoring programme for young and aspiring tech entrepreneurs seeking entry to the creative and innovative world of entrepreneurship.

Centre for Business and Entrepreneurship - NED Academy at NED University of Engineering and Technology is introducing Meet a Mentor Programme for young talented engineering students/graduates who are aspiring to be future innovators and entrepreneurs, and are teeming with working enthusiasm.

Much like a medical student observing and learning from a surgeon in the operating room, Entrepreneurship Clinicians observe and learn from startup founders. As a volunteer, you will be a part of diverse teams and act as a consultant to high growth startups.

By providing budding entrepreneurs this opportunity to meet with established entrepreneurs in the area, the programwill give them the opportunity to learn from their successes as well as their failures. The mentors will alsoprovide personal guidance and advice, industry requirements ,global aspects of solutions on ventures.

The mentor network gatherings will enable the students to jump-start their relationship building by providing an environment in which they can develop networking skills that are vital in the business environment. On the other hand mentors will be emphasized and highlighted for serving this noble cause of giving back to the society by sharing from their pool of linkages, experience and information.


For Engineers by Engineers!




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