Entrepreneurship Development Program



Entrepreneurs perform a vital function in economic development by creating employment, producing goods and services, mobilizing capital investment and developing the means to a trade market.
In order to increase the number of entrepreneurs and support economy through creating business and providing jobs, NED Academy  at NED University of Engineering and Technology realized the needs to  determine how potential entrepreneurs could be identified, how to train and support them to allow trade and entrepreneurial spirit to flourish. 


The objective of this initiative would be to inculcate the Entrepreneurial mindset, spirit and capacity in our young minds and convert them into Entrepreneurial and Business Leaders through training development and incubation support. The University will assist students to obtain an orientation of possibly establishing their own business in future and allows the student to create job opportunities but also to make creative contributions to other businesses. Our aim is to create successful companies from the ideas, participants formulated in our training classes.
Through this initiative participants would work  in close collaboration with researchers, students, Incubation Centers, industries and business communities to harness entrepreneurship after identification of technologies that can be commercialized. 
The focus of this initiative will revolve around following:

  • Entrepreneurial and Business Training and Development Strategies
  • Entrepreneurial and business Training Needs Analysis
  • Training Programs/workshop of Entrepreneurship 
  • Programs for the Commercialization of Technologies
  • Incubation support to students and researchers

Contact for further information:

Ms Nimra Kamran 

021-99261261 Ext 2693