Business and Entrepreneurship Management Training Programme

The Business and Entrepreneurship Management Training will offer programs to cater the needs of Entrepreneurial, Business and Commercialization requirements of faculty, researchers, entrepreneurs and small business owners. Courses are uniquely designed for individuals who want to start their own businesses or who already operate a startup to know what it takes to be successful small business owners. The program will also benefit entrepreneurs by providing means for planning an overall strategy for startup and small business that will help achieve business goals.

Initially, the center will kick off with below mentioned programs. 


  • Managerial Communication Strategies for Success
  • Negotiation & Conflict Resolution Skills
  • Strategic Leadership
  • Innovation and Small Business Management
  • Strategic Planning and Management for Business Owners
  • Project /Research Development and Commercialization Support Programme
  • Entrepreneurship in Construction Management
  • Women Entrepreneurship Training Programme
  • Entrepreneurship and Leadership Training programme for Youth